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After School Program

Our After School Program Provides an Environment where safety is a priority!

Instead of spending your last few hours of work worrying about your child and wondering what they are doing after school, step into a world where discipline, focus, and physical fitness blend seamlessly with fun and camaraderie. Welcome to our after-school program at RMAA (Rodriguez Martial Arts Academy), where we’re dedicated to shaping not just skilled martial artists but well-rounded individuals primed for success in all aspects of life.

The kids in our community can learn more through martial arts than just the physical aspects, our after-school program offers a supportive environment where friendships flourish and positive attitudes abound. Through group activities, team-building exercises, and leadership opportunities, students develop invaluable social skills and learn the importance of collaboration and sportsmanship. Whether they’re breaking boards or breaking a sweat, every moment spent at RMAA’s After School Martial Arts Program is an opportunity for growth and personal development.

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Rodriguez ATA Martial Arts Academy After School

Join us at RMAA’s After School Martial Arts Program and discover the transformative power of martial arts. Enroll your child today and watch them thrive in mind, body, and spirit as they embark on an exciting journey toward black belt excellence and beyond.
We’re proud to host students ages starting at 5 years old and up. Fill out the short form on your screen to learn more today!

What’s Included In Our After School Program?

At RMAA (Rodriguez Martial Arts Academy), our after school program isn’t just about mastering techniques on the mat; our goal is to instill values that last a lifetime. From the moment students step through our doors, they’re greeted by a supportive community of instructors and peers who inspire and uplift. Through structured martial arts training, children develop essential life skills such as self-discipline, respect, and confidence—attributes that transcend the studio and empower them in school, at home, and beyond. Throw away the screens and join us on the mats today at RMAA (Rodriguez Martial Arts Academy). We are proud to offer the following with our After school program:

  • Daily pick-up from area schools Heritage Elementary, McCauliffe Elementary, Highland Village Elementary. Pick up time 6:00 PM.
  • Structured programs including our Tiny Tigers Program, Kids Taekwondo Program, Jiu jitsu Program.
  • Instructor assistance to help improve discipline, Focus, and Confidence and Respect for others.
  • Quiet homework area available.
  • Guidance to build self-confidence, proper etiquette, teamwork, and morals.
  • Uniform & Patches: Included free for Taekwondo or Jiu Jitsu Programs.
  • Early Release LISD Days: Pick up included FREE No Extra Charge.
  • No School Days & Holidays: Day Camps available on a case-by-case basis TBA Extra Charge will apply.
  • Monthly Flat Fee available all inclusive, full-time, only $550 per student
  • The annual registration fee includes association fee, snacks for all students in the program $150 per student (One Time Charge)

We do our best to accommodate the schedule of working parents. To do this, we include early pick-ups when schools have early dismissals, whether they are scheduled or for weather-related reasons. We are also happy to provide peace of mind that we will always pick up your child any time they go to school.

Don’t Miss Out on Our After School Program Here Highland Village!

If you’re looking for a better way to set your child up for success and help them pass their time wisely when they are out of school for the day, come see us today at RMAA (Rodriguez Martial Arts Academy). We’re offering the best After School program in our community and the surrounding areas, and we can’t wait for your child to see it all firsthand.
Currently accepting pre-enrolment applications for 2024/2025 School year.
Space will be Limited!
Fill out the short form on your screen to learn more today!

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